About us

"HVAC-PD Engineers" was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Due to the quality of the work, in a short period of time it has gained great recognition in the Netherlands and in 2018 we openend our office in Armenia.

Our specialization

We design and model heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and drainage systems for the public and private sector. Our experience comes from our work with the following buildings: apartment buildings, skyscrapers, offices, hotels, hospitals, sports complexes, factory buildings, utility rooms and other complex constructions.

Our goal is to provide quality solutions to our clients projects with modern methods.

We strictly follow the international standards and norms, so that the projects we implement are always:

1 ․ Easy to read for installation

2 ․ Quantity products controllable

3 ․ Efficient, economical and reliable

Our work experience

Our founder graduated in 2003 and started in 2018 with HVAC-PD Engineers. In a short period of time we have grown from a one man company to a company with 11 employees. Every employee has a love and passion for the branche. With more than 30 years of experience in the branche, we can guarantee quality that is unmatched. Under projects you can see the projects we have done and what the current projects are. Our resumé speaks for itself.

During these years, more than 90 projects have been implemented, each with a budget of €200,000 to €8 million. 


Of the many applications, Autodesk's Revit, AutCAD software is our preference. As a database we use the Dutch program StabiCAD, which allows projects to be implemented in real product form LOD (Level fo detail "LOD400").
We perform the calculations with VABI / StabiCAD engineering program. We coordinate with BIMcollab, NAVISWORK, SOLIBRI and BIM Tekla programs. We exchange information through BIMglue, A360, Dropbox, Docstream and Sharepoint platforms.

Our Team


  • Areg Mehrabyan


  • Taron Hovhannisyan

    Engineer, BIM modeler

  • Hakob Petrosyan

    Engineer, BIM modeler

  • Gohar Alikhanyan

    Engineer, BIM modeler

  • Anahit Soghoyan

    Engineer, BIM modeler

  • Anahit Melikyan

    Architect, BIM modeler

  • Zhirayr Gasparyan

    Building manager

  • Derick Grigorian

    Architect, BIM modeler

  • Meri Arakelyan

    Engineer, BIM modeler

  • Syuzanna Tahmazyan

    Engineer, BIM modeler

  • Slavik Muradyan

    Architect, BIM modeler