"CasaNova" Rotterdam







‘’Casanova’’ Rotterdam

CasaNova is currently being built on the historic Rotterdam Wijnhaven, between Markthal and Maas: a luxury residential tower with 116 owner-occupied apartments, varying in size from 40 m2 to over 343 m2. CasaNova is one of the new high rise icons on the skyline of the bustling Maritime District, which connects the Markthal with the banks of the Maas.

Barcode Architects from Rotterdam was responsible for the design of this unique triangular residential tower, which rises from the four-storey substructure on the quay of the historic Wijnhaven. In the design, special attention has been paid to the view, the incidence of light, the outdoor space and the great variety in the range of apartments. Thanks to the unique triangular shape, every resident has maximum privacy and a phenomenal view over Rotterdam.

Project:            ‘’Casanova’’

Location:          Rotterdam

Activities:         Air treatment

Client:              Steboma B.V.    

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