"Corrosia Cultural Center" Almere







"Corrosia Cultural Center" Almere

You will find the Corrosia Cultural Center in Almere in a special building. The corten steel clad building was initially conceived as a small town. It would contain a range of functions and be freely accessible. It had to become the social core of the district. Despite the many renovations, the original design as an open urban fabric can still be felt.

Blom van Assendelft was a typical adept of the architecture of his time, in which small-scale, informality, safety and creativity were paramount. He created a building like one

large playground, which would herald the heyday of the social city. An open structure, with utilitarian spaces overflowing. Corrosia would give access to a town hall to be built behind it via an inner street. That never happened and the rear exit that should have ended on a bridge has been closed. This makes the continuous structure unrecognizable.

However, the layout with overflowing utility areas and split-level floors has largely been retained. The pavement tiles and the bare concrete stone in the interior, with which the outside and inside were connected, can still be seen here and there. Corrosia is a building that symbolizes equality, openness and community.

In December 2012, the De Alliantie housing association commissioned architect Rik Lagerwaard to redevelop the Corrosia building. The corporation, which had offices there for a long time, wants to give space to the original function of the building as a culture house and is moving to Almere Stad. The plinth will be tighter and more open, giving the building the originally intended open appearance again

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