‘’Daktuinen Erasmus’’ Rotterdam







‘’Daktuinen Erasmus’’ Rotterdam

Erasmus MC has built a new hospital in the heart of the city with plenty of space for greenery. Because green makes you better! Scientific research shows that a green environment or a view of nature has a positive effect on the recovery of patients. The Erasmus MC is therefore creating two unique roof gardens that are accessible to patients, visitors and employees. The roof gardens of Erasmus MC are, with almost 3,000 m2, the largest roof gardens in the Netherlands at this height.

Erasmus MC has opted for a 'healing environment' in the new hospital. That means lots of daylight, greenery and a warm, comfortable interior. The hospital's design, which will be taken into use in 2018, is sleek, functional and offers space for the most innovative care and excellent research. But the patients and visitors will mainly experience a green environment. The public spaces and courtyards are given as much planting and daylight as possible thanks to the glass roofs. Small oases of green are created in the large courtyards where patients and visitors can withdraw. The most striking thing about the new green hospital, however, are the roof gardens on the eighth floor. The gardens are arranged like orchards with 38 apple and pear trees on small hills. A walkway leads the visitor past sheltered spots with benches, so that the view of Rotterdam can be enjoyed in the shade.

Project:               ‘’Daktuinen Erasmus’’

Location:             Rotterdam

Activities:           Calculations

Client:                  Protechbe

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