"Haarlemmermeer Lyceum" Hoofddorp







"Haarlemmermeer Lyceum" Hoofddorp
DP6 designed a compact school of 5,500 m2 GFA for 1,000 students. More importantly: a building where both the teaching staff and the students can feel at home and have their own place.

BAM supplies an energy label A + building with a GPR score of 8.3. Very specifically, measures have been taken in the field of:

  • Air quality: CO2 controlled ventilation; one window that can be opened per group room
  • Energy: EPC 50% lower than Building Decree 2012; demand-driven ventilation, high-frequency lighting, plenty of daylight, daylight-dependent control; dimmable lighting, heat recovery with high efficiency (80%), roof and facade insulation with Rc value of 5; water-saving taps and toilets, solar water heater for showers, presence detection, open ceilings, ATES.
  • Visual comfort: average daylight factor for group rooms at least 3%; illuminance by artificial light on the work surface at least 500 lux, prevents direct daylight, electrically operated sun blinds, individually adjustable.
  • Acoustic comfort: high demands on installation noise and noise level and reverberation time, noise insulation against traffic noise.

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